MacKichan Scientific Workplace 6.0.29

MacKichan Scientific Workplace 6.0.29

MacKichan Scientific Workplace makes writing, sharing, typing math and science text easier than you ever thought possible. This software is an easy word processing tool that integrates math and text in the same environment. The MuPAD 5® computer algebra engine embedded in Scientific WorkPlace 6 allows the user to perform on-screen calculations and arrange them correctly.

With a completely new Mozilla-based architecture, version 6 offers more flexibility than previous versions. Depending on your print and portable needs, you can save or export your documents in a variety of formats. The software also has an open source application called MySpell, which includes a large number of dictionaries for more than 40 countries. When you mistype a word, the program displays them with a wavy red line.

The MacKichan Scientific Workplace uses natural math symbols, so you do not have to use complex syntax to be able to evaluate, simplify, solve, or place mathematical expressions. Full suede functionality available. You can calculate symbolically or numerically, derivative, solving algebraic and differential equations. With the commands in the menu, you can calculate with more than 150 physical units.

Features of MacKichan Scientific Workplace:

  • It has an algebra calculation engine called MuPAD 5 to perform calculations on the screen
  • Has a functional toolbar for easy access to calculation options
  • Calculate mathematical operations using 150 physical units of measurement
  • Ability to easily type mathematical and physical operators in text documents

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder

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