MailBee.NET Objects 12.0 / Queue 1.6.1 Retail

MailBee.NET Objects is a collection of powerful .NET components for creating, sending, receiving, and processing email. This component helps developers add complex email capabilities to their applications quickly and easily. The library fully supports async / await to build scalable and responsive applications. MailBee .NET objects only need the .NET framework installed on the computer. These objects can be used in .NET languages ​​including C # and VB.NET.

Features and Features of MailBee.NET Objects Component:

  • Send any email as email
  • Send bulk emails and merge emails in the database
  • Send to SMTP server or perform DNS MX and send without relay server
  • Send via proxy server
  • Signing message by DomainKeys / DKIM
  • Async / await methods
  • Download all messages
  • Download message and header in PIPELINING mode – increase performance by up to 1000%
  • Download messages with a single line of code (QuickDownloadMessage)
  • Download and manage folders, full support for international folder names
  • Receive specific folders such as upload, draft, trash (if the server supports XLIST)
  • Convert between Outlook application .MSG files and .EML files
  • Pars .MSG file in MailMessage object and write .MSG files
  • Read Outlook application .PST files
  • Validate single and bulk addresses (array, DataTable, DataReader)
  • Validation level of syntax control to DNS MX and test sending SMTP attempts
  • Convert from html to pdf format
  • Send the created pdf as an attachment and save in the file
  • A way to save and load a spam database to / from a file

Installation guide

After installation, use the text file to register the program.

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MailBee.NET Objects

Download MailBee.NET Objects 12.0 Retail

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Download MailBee.NET Objects 11.0 Retail

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MailBee.NET Queue

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