Mapinfo Discover (Encom) 2013 v15.0.0 build 100

Mapinfo Discover (Encom) 2013 v15.0.0 build 100

Mapinfo Discover, formerly known as Encom Discover, is a complete GIS package for integrating, mapping, and analyzing spatial information. This program will have many applications for specialists and researchers in various fields of mining, geophysics, geochemistry and geologists. This program is ideal for planning suitable places for exploration and drilling. It also provides specialists with a complete geotechnical assessment and monitoring of the physical condition of an area with various analysis capabilities that it provides to experts.

This software is one of the most advanced network raster analyzers and can be used in very large scale projects with high reliability. All raster images prepared, although in high quality, are easily networked in this program and analyzed in a short time. In this program, it is possible to use a variety of satellite images, aerial images, soil geochemical maps, accurate LIDAR models, and for each of the stated types, separate analytical options and capabilities have been considered.

The advantage of using programs like Mapinfo Discover is data visualization. The human mind does not communicate well with textual data. But when a set of data and related analysis in the form of graphic and clear images with separated colors, it is also displayed in three dimensions. It will be much easier to understand the scope of the problem and explore possible solutions. The program has a simple and orderly graphic appearance and is a complete guide for different parts, which in case of ambiguity, its information can be used as a reference. This software actually fills the gap created between GIS and mining exploration systems.

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