MathType + Portable / 7.4.3 macOS

MathType + Portable / 7.4.3 macOS


MathType is a powerful software for typing a variety of complex mathematical formulas, thanks to which you can easily create and use very complex formulas and difficult equations to suit your needs in the right way. MathType is a powerful tool for Windows that lets you easily use math symbols to work on word, web pages, print, display, and Tex, Latex, and MathML documents.

This software with many features and ready-made formulas not only helps novice users to an advanced level but also professional users can use formulas much faster and easier. Easily edit formulas like words with MathType Normally color them and give it the style you want. Many icons and templates and fonts with this tool will meet many of your needs to create a formula with the desired shape.

You can easily use the math symbols on your system and save them in the software, so if you need a special formula, just download it and easily add it to the software. If you use a lot of math symbols, you can set a key combination for it to be quickly available to you.

Create formulas

Creating a formula with MathType is very simple and enjoyable, just click on the icon button and enter your commands, now copy it and paste it easily into any program or place you want. This program has a very simple appearance, also has four rows of buttons for a variety of symbols, a row of tabs classified to type and create terms such as algebraic, statistical, trigonometric, geometric, matrix, set, and derivative And… has become one of the most popular programs in this field.

Typing complex mathematical equations or scientific terms when creating tests or writing research papers is very difficult and tedious. Although software such as Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel provides many possibilities for users to type formulas and mathematical equations, they are still weak in this area. Using this software you can type math symbols.

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Features of MathType :

– Identify customizable functions
– Has powerful tools for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
– A set of useful symbols and examples
– Ability to save typing in various formats and use in sites and blogs such as Wikipedia
– Ability to work with more than 350 applications And various websites
– Ability to save formulas in WMF, PICT, EPS, and GIF formats
– Ability to delete and add rows and columns to the matrix
– Ability to view all symbols in one place and choose faster and easier between them
– Has a set A comprehensive set of mathematical symbols and patterns
– Rulers with precise formatting
– Ability to edit any part of the formula with a single click
– Drag & drop editing capability
– Automatic formatting


– Ability to adjust parentheses, brackets, and…
– Ability to save equations and formulas to reuse them
– Use shortcuts to type faster
– Ability to color all or part of the formula
– Adjustable toolbar of formulas
– Ability to identify handwritten formulas and enter them in the program
– Ability to create shortcuts for formulas
– Compatible with a variety of text editing programs
– Unlimited & redo capability
– Support for international keyboards and characters
– Resize command
– Ability Observe standard intervals in typing math symbols
– Save special corrections and use them quickly the next time
– Observe standard intervals in typing math symbols
– Transfer of signals between sites and software with the main software
– Unicode-based character database
– Ability to add custom fonts to the software
– Ability to type TeX standard and thus a good alternative to software such as FarsiTeX
– Compatible with all versions of Office 2000 to 2010

MathType system requirements

: Operating Systems

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

: Recommended Hardware

Pentium processor or equivalent





Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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