Meet the Huawei Robotic Dog

Huawei Robotic Dog
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Huawei Robotic Dog

Huawei robotic dog equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology was introduced. In the following, we will get acquainted with the features of this smart dog from Huawei and rival Boston Dynamics.

Artificial intelligence can be called the cornerstone of the technology world, which will make it possible to achieve any goal. This special importance has caused large companies around the world to pay special attention to it, and even its integration with other industries can draw attractive horizons of future progress. Robotic artificial intelligence is one of the areas in which Huawei has achieved great success and has also produced high-end products in this field.

Many of us know Huawei for its smartphones and strong presence in this market. If you are one of the people who follow the world of technology with more experience, you have probably heard about Huawei high-end telecommunication equipment; But did you ever know that Huawei is one of the most advanced companies in the artificial intelligence industry?

Huawei’s advanced EMUI smart and advanced user interface is a great example to prove this claim, and along with it, Huawei’s advanced Kirin chips were the first chipsets to be equipped with dedicated AI units, and in many studies, they were able to obtain the highest scores in AI benchmarks.

But if we think that Huawei AI is limited to smartphones and related fields, we would be wrong again; This is because new news has been published by Chinese bloggers, which shows that Huawei has also made great progress in the field of robotics equipped with artificial intelligence, and has produced modern laboratory products in this field.

According to the new information, Huawei has developed a robot similar to the “Spot” smart dog from Boston Dynamics in its advanced laboratories in China and has used it in one of its physical stores in Shenzhen to help customers and provide information to them. .

The source also claims that in dealing with this intelligent robot, which looks like a domestic dog, the perception of the situation and the response to requests are so high that it can be placed at a very high level in terms of perception and decision making.


Introduction to Huawei Robotic Dog

At the Huawei CONNECT 2020 event, this robotic dog that jumped and bowed on the stage was able to attract the audience’s attention. The dog can also survive factory-simulated hazards, open and close gas control valves, and save personal life in a factory environment.

The other functional part of this robot, called Unitree, is a very accurate simulation of movements that we have only seen before with Boston Dynamics, and it can be said that Huawei is the only company that produces such advanced products and can compete with Boston Dynamics number one. Get a title in this field.

Although Huawei has not released any official information about this robot to date, the company’s efforts to make different products are very interesting. In fact, this smart dog belongs to the category of advanced technologies of Huawei, which has been designed by the research and development team of this company.

The infrastructure used in this robotic dog is called ModelArts 3.0, which was introduced at the Huawei 2020 event. In the process of using artificial intelligence scenarios in various industries, it has always been difficult to develop projects and reproduce them on a large scale; But ModelArts 3.0 infrastructure solves this problem by using high-level algorithms. HUAWEI CLOUD has successfully played an important role in the evolution and development of the artificial intelligence industry by successfully completing nearly 600 artificial intelligence projects in more than 10 different industries.

Huawei Robotic Dog

HUAWEI CLOUD EI-Backbone also provides a new model for the development of artificial intelligence by training high-precision models based on small data; Or in the field of medical image separation, hundreds of lines of data should be used for training, but now, thanks to EI-Backbone, only tens of lines of this data are needed; This means reducing the data labeling process by more than 90%. In the past, the process of selecting the pattern and using the appropriate parameters required a great deal of high-level experience and trial and error; At present, this process can be done without human intervention and at high speed, which will greatly increase the accuracy and significantly reduce its costs.

Although we still do not know what chips Huawei has used as the core of decision-making and data processing in this smart product, but due to the long time required to develop such products and Huawei’s many years of experience in designing and manufacturing Kirin chips It is not unlikely that Huawei will have used its internal chips in the brain of this robotic dog.

Building an intelligent robot is a special technology that requires many years of research and development. Most likely, China’s top tech executives these days are looking to divert some of their country’s investment to what will be the most important event in the future of our lives; An area where only a handful of companies are currently able to reach high levels and can offer huge opportunities for companies like Huawei.

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