Mentor Graphics PADS VX.2.7 x86 / x64 Free Download
Mentor Graphics PADS

Mentor Graphics PADS VX.2.7 x86 / x64 Free Download


Mentor Graphics PADS is a powerful software for designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCB engineers and designers are always looking for reliable and high quality tools. Mentor Graphics PADS is software that simplifies the design of printed circuits due to its layering capabilities and powerful tools in the field of circuit schematics. In this program, information of all components is collected in one central place, which will prevent duplication of the required parts, this will reduce design time and prevent rework.

If you need to design boards that have a high percentage of high-speed signals, you will fully understand the importance of using constraint-based design. Create, review and evaluate yourself. It is possible to design different reports in this program, it is also possible to compare different archived designs, the advanced layout of this product makes it possible to design different printed circuit boards with printability. This software is especially ideal for designing boards that are not very complex.

Features and specifications of Mentor Graphics PADS software:

Circuit schematic design
Online simulation of designed circuits
Selection of different components and intra-departmental evaluation
Powerful finder and filtering with information management of various components
Ability to create IPC compliant templates
Manage constraints seamlessly
Very fast application of restrictions and accurate routing
Signal health test using HyperLynx
Simulation of analog and thermal circuits
The central library consists of various components

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.
THIS is for PADSVX.2.2 but works for any VX version of PADS Standard and Standard Plus
1. Run the setup in the default folder (C:\MentorGraphics)
2. Skip the license install
3. Modify the installation as follows:
a) Change the Target Path to C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX folder you created earlier
b) Select ALL the packages available for install from Product Selection, then unselect the following:
– Check for updates
– Design Archive
– Server tools
4. Now run the instalation.
5. During the install you will be promped to unregister earlier versions of PADS (9.5 and 2005). Click YES to that. You can use the Release Switcher later to go back to either one.
6. After the install has finished, copy the MentorKG.exe and run.bat found in the Crack folder to the C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX folder
From there run “run.bat” and wait untill it generates a license file (should open a Notepad license.txt
Save this file as PADSVX_LICENSE.TXT in the C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX folder
7. Now run the PADSVX setup again (PADSVX.2.2_mib.exe) and this time DON’T SKIP license installation. Click NEXT to go to the License Setup. Choose the first option (Mobile Compute Node-locked licensing), click NEXT and Browse to the PADSVX_LICENSE.TXT you saved earlier in the C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX folder. This will add the PADSVX license to the existing licenses (9.5 and 2005). When asked if there are any more licenses you want to add click NO.
8. Everything should be ready to use now. You will find the programs under START\PADSVX2.2. The isntall doesn’t make shortcuts for them so you will need to do that yourself. Check if PADSVX LAYOUT is working ok (just to be sure, before you do anything else)
9. At any time, if you want to go back to a previous version of PADS (9.5 or 2005) use the MGC BSD Release Switcher found under START/Mentor Graphics PCB Admin Utilities.
In the upper list choose the product you want to unregister (make inactive) and in the lower list the one you want to register (make active). Click OK and it will take a few minutes to do the job. During the switch you will be asked if ou want to configure a license. Choose “I have a valid license. I would like to skip the licensing setup”.
Click NEXT and choose the working directory. This is the folder where PADS does all the default folders (CAM, Reuse… etc). It doesn’t really matter what folder you choose since you should configure these folders in PADS/OPTIONS. They get saved in the PADS ini file so everytime you switch to a release it should use the folders defined in that release’s ini file.
Click FINISH and after the istaller registers a few more files it should be done. Click FINISH again.
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