Mentor Tanner Tools 2019.2 Build 13862 x64

Mentor Tanner Tools 2019.2 Build 13862 x64

Tanner EDA Tools is a complete set of tools for designing, simulating and inspecting integrated circuit (IC) and MEMS circuits. This product is actually a complete product line for circuit schematic design, layout design and inspection of integrated and analog circuits and MEMS devices. Mentor Graphics, the manufacturer of this product, is one of the major technology companies and holds various awards in the field of automation for the design of electronic circuits and semiconductors. This set includes complete tools for electronic circuit design of the circuit, which can be used for all schematic circuit design, SPICE simulation, physical circuit design (or chip layout), as well as checking circuit design rules such as DRC and LVS.For this process, three tools are used, one is S-edit for circuit schematic design, T-SPICE circuit simulator engine integrated with S-edit, and finally L-edit for physical circuit design or printed circuit board layout. Is used. 

Tanner EDA Tools has an unprecedented reputation for high performance and affordable pricing for features such as design, layout, analog IC (AMS) review, as well as IoT and MEMS devices. The tools in this collection are simply designed and the learning process is easy for users. The user interface has a high usability and the user interface design team has made every effort to increase the usability of the product and maintain its beauty. The processing speed of this product is high and it is well compatible with various hardware systems and software. It does not require heavy hardware and can be set up with minimal hardware features.


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