MEPCAD AlarmCAD 5.0.12

MEPCAD AlarmCAD 5.0.12

AlarmCAD is the name of a powerful fire alarm system design software. Using the latest design techniques and providing a comprehensive set of unique features, this software has been able to rank first among its all-in-one software. AlarmCAD will allow you to design your desired systems with great precision and very high speed.
AlarmCAD is an advanced and flexible system with high performance at the same time. Also, new features and designs are constantly being added to it, and it is actually moving on the edge of technology. This software brings a fully computerized and automated system.
One of the unique features of AlarmCAD is the presentation of a special version of AutoCAD that leaves the hands of building designers and architects open to any change and will give extraordinary design flexibility. In addition, there are separate versions of AlarmCAD that support the CAD language and with a very simple and attractive user interface, meet all the design needs of an efficient fire extinguishing system.
After the design, in addition to the map, the amount of materials needed such as wires and batteries, the type of materials used in the facility, etc. will also be available. Also, an estimate of the design costs at each stage can be seen.

MEPCAD AlarmCAD Features and Features:

  •  Ranked first among firefighting system design software
  • Easy to use and extremely time saving
  • Provide a fully intelligent and automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Provide plugins to work in AutoCAD
  • Estimation of design requirements and costs
  • Provides a separate version of AutoCAD

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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