Mestrelab Research Mnova 14.1.2 Build 25024

Mestrelab Research Mnova 14.1.2 Build 25024

Mnova or MestReNova is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of chemical science, a product of Mestrelab Research group. This software is mentioned as a superior software package for processing chemical data. Your data analysis is also done correctly by this software. With this software you can polish your technology development. The software in front of you is one of the most familiar and popular products in the field of chemical science development.

With the Mnova software package you will be able to process, visualize, simulate, predict and analyze. Working with this software is also such that you can easily learn to work with this software with a little expertise in the field of chemistry. The package in front of you is divided into two basic plugins. Mnova NMR and Mnova MS are the two main plugins of this software.

Features and characteristics of Mnova software:

  • Very convenient user interface that simplifies working with this software
  • Complete software package for development and progress in the field of chemistry
  • Fast and excellent processing of your intelligence data
  • Possibility of highly advanced simulations and modeling
  • Benefit from 9 very functional and basic plugins
  • Benefit from the ability to use various modules
  • Possibility of forecasting based on your statistical information
  • Prediction of physical and chemical properties
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in doing your work

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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