Metalix cncKad 16.4.325 x86 / x64

Metalix cncKad 16.4.325 x86 / x64

cncKad is a specialized machine tool programming software that provides extensive CAD / CAM capabilities for programming punch, laser, plasma, flame, water, cutting, and coil machines. Developed by Metalix, the software combines design, manual and automated processing, manual and automated nesting, efficient NC production, graphical simulation, and machine communication to provide engineers with advanced technology.

cncKad is the only system that combines CAD / CAM capabilities into one module, linking dimensions, geometry, and punching and cutting technology. When you change a geometry, cncKad software automatically updates the dimensions and corrects the punch and cut definitions. More than 1,300 different car models from 160 manufacturers have been made by cncKad to date, and that number continues to rise. The software can also connect components from one type of technology or machine to another and also supports DXF and DWG files well.

Features and specifications of cncKad software:

  • Instrumentation machine programming
  • Programming of Punch, Laser, Plasma, Flame, Water, Cutting, and Coil Machines
  • Ability to design and process manually and automatically
  • Effective NC production
  • Graphics simulation and machine communication
  • Dimension link, geometry, and punching and cutting technology
  • Used in 1300 different car models by 160 manufacturers
  • Connecting parts of one type of technology or machine to another
  • Supports DXF and DWG files

Installation guide

The 64-bit version was installed and successfully activated by a user in Windows 7 and 10; The installation method prepared by him is also included in the package.

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