Meteonorm 8.0.2 Multilingual Free Download

Meteonorm 8.0.2 Multilingual Free Download


Meteonorm is a unique software for generating meteorological data for different climates and geographical parts of the world. Using this program, you can get meteorological information anywhere in the world and use it in related programs.

For example, information such as temperature at different times of the day and night, intensity of sunlight, humidity and dryness, type of climate and climate of the region and many other climatic parameters. This information is available in a variety of formats. This information can be used in other photovoltaic, solar or building simulation software. This program receives its information from 8325 valid meteorological stations, 5 meteorological satellites and 30 years of experience. When these three factors are combined, there is no doubt about the validity of the program.

One of the important features of Meteonorm is giving the necessary information at intervals of up to minutes. You can select the desired meteorological parameters and receive the results at monthly, hourly or minute intervals, which is a sign of the high accuracy of the program. The next point is the online information section of the program, in which the latest climate information for the desired climate is provided to the user. In addition, users are able to view the information history of a specific geographical area over time.

This information will be very useful for predicting the trend of climate change. And finally, the key advantage of this program is its very high number of output formats. You can get data in different formats of Excel, CSV, TMY2, TMY3, EPW, PVSol, PVSyst, Polysun and.. These formats include all the requirements in related software.

required system 


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10


Windows 8/10 32/64 bit

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Installation guide

Copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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Download Meteonorm 8.0.2
Download Meteonorm 8.0.2 New Crack
Download Meteonorm 7.3.3 (for Windows XP and 7)
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