Micrium uCProbe Professional Edition

Micrium uCProbe Professional Edition

Micrium uCProbe is software for reading and writing live data in the memory of embedded processors and mapping the information of these systems to a set of graphical controls. In fact, using this program, the information of these systems is displayed graphically to the user in a regular dashboard. You will not need coding to do this. Simply drag and drop the desired components with the mouse and place them in the appropriate position. This software supports many embedded processors and you can even connect to these systems through the usb port.

Micrium uCProbe allows you to change various variables in a non-industrial way and in real time and see the result in the debugger of this program. Writing and reading data in memory along with debugging capabilities of this program will bring a good experience when working with embedded processors. This program displays the values ​​of various variables with understandable graphical controls such as types of plots, graphic charts, numeric boxes, bitmaps and و, and with the help of these controls it is possible to change the values. This will make the system easier to understand and develop than before, as errors and rework will be minimized.

If you are using development tools that include embedded IAR systems or CCES devices in this situation without the need for additional coding for new tracts, this program can be integrated with these environments and use its capabilities in your desired environment. Even if such conditions do not exist, Segger J-Link, CMSIS-DAP, Cypress PSoC Prog, RS-232 port, USB or via TCP / IP. With J-Link, CMSIS-DAP and Cypress PSoC Prog communication interfaces. There is interaction with other embedded systems. In fact, you do not need to codify the target system to enable them to read and write.

Installation guide

After installing, copy and replace the file in the Crack folder in the program installation location.

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