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Micro-Cap is software for schematic design and simulation of analog and digital circuits. This tool provides electronic engineers with a convenient interactive environment for circuit design and simulation. Micro-Cap has been continuously developing and improving its capabilities since its release in 1982. At present, this software is a modern, simple tool with a suitable user interface and a large number of powerful number algorithms for circuit simulation.

Micro-Cap Features:

  • Integrity of circuit design and simulation environment
  • Dynamic analysis based on edits
  • Powerful digital simulator
  • Analyze the worst cases to find statistical and performance constraints
  • Intelligent circuit optimization with different methods
  • Ability to design active and inactive filters
  • Modeling of analog and digital behaviors
  • Scroll parametric and multidimensional steps
  • Possibility of three-dimensional plot
  • Having LEDs, switches, columns and moving DC motors
  • Mono Carlo analysis
  • Various functions to increase performance
  • PCB interface for popular packages
  • AC and DC analysis analyzer
  • Stability analysis to find stability constraints in linear circuits

Installation guide

Instructions for using each version are available in the Readme.txt file.

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Download MicroCap

Download MicroCap

Download MicroCap

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