Micromine + Examples

Micromine + Examples

Micromine is a comprehensive solution for mining design, exploration and exploitation. This software has all the capabilities needed to design, model, estimate, optimize and plan mining. This unique product helps engineers gain in-depth insights into their project and then, based on this understanding, do their work with a forward-looking vision of areas where there is a greater chance of success. By interacting with this program, miners can also carry out daily tasks and production operations easier, faster and smarter. Micromine has different modules for different needs and each user can use one or more of these modules according to their needs. The program also supports 64-bit systems to work with more data and have higher performance.

Micromine Features and Features:

  •  Geological map with guidance has more than 800 information entries
  • Excellent ability in modeling and planning mining planning operations
  • Provide rich reports of ongoing projects based on various parameters and filters
  • Analysis and estimation of required resources and financial and specialized forecasts for various operations
  • Build three-dimensional and accurate models of exploration areas
  • Support for 64-bit systems
  • High processing speed and the ability to process large volumes of data
  • Ability to add additional information to the report by the user
  • Possibility of stratigraphic modeling for extraction materials such as coal, nickel laterite, tin, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore and platinum and…
  • Automation and facilitation of workflow
  • Ability to design wireframes for 3D level analysis and resource estimation

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Download Micromine_11.0.4

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