Microsoft Azure DevOps Server 2019 Update 1.1 RC x64 MSDN

Azure DevOps Server, formerly known as Team Foundation Server or TFS for short, is a version of Visual Studio software that has many capabilities for teamwork. .NET developers are familiar with Visual Studio, an integrated coding environment for developing .NET applications running on the Windows family of operating systems. TFS is a special version of Visual Studio released for team purposes. In code development team work, it is not just one person, so many changes are made in the code by different people, different people or sub-teams work on parts of the program separately. To maintain code integrity and prevent errors and to control and coordinate these changes, we need the mechanisms and tools that TFS provides for this very purpose.

This Microsoft product includes a variety of tools for managing source code (default source control TFS or git and…), reporting, requirements management, project management (both in the development style and waterfall or cascading method), automated builds, test management And software testing, program distribution management and.. In short, TFS provides developers and development teams with all the requirements needed for the software lifecycle.

Features of Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server:

  •  Support for git or TFVC source controls
  • Complete tools for Ajil teams including Scrum and Kanban wins
  • Efficient tools for automated builds and continuous integration to maintain code integrity and integrity
  • Plugins for Eclipse and XCode and other environments to use the capabilities of this program on other platforms

Installation guide

The existing versions are the original version of MSDN and, except for the 2013 version, have no other serial or activator and apparently do not need activation.

Detailed specifications of the 2019 version:

Azure DevOps Server 2019 Update 1 (x64)
File Name: mu_azure_devops_server_2019_update_1_x64_dvd_4729ddf1.iso
SHA1: 95C3ED3FF1A3EDE321C8EC78C6892E62C5A8D59A

download link

Download Microsoft Azure DevOps Server 2019 Update 1.1 RC x64 MSDN

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