Microsoft Power BI Report Server May 2020

Microsoft Power BI Report Server May 2020

Power BI Report Server is a powerful and comprehensive data analysis product from Microsoft. In fact, with the help of this tool, you can analyze your data in the best possible way. In fact, Microsoft has tried to make data reporting easier for you than ever before by providing comprehensive solutions. One of the remarkable features of this product is its powerful graphic features. You can display statistical information in various tables and graphs.

Working with the Power BI Report Server product can be done easily in three general steps. You will start by collecting and designing your information and reports in various forms. You will then send the prepared reports to the reporting server. Finally, by accessing the report server, you will be able to display reports in the web dashboard. You can also organize your reports into different categories and update them as needed.

The product in front of you allows you to create your reports in internal systems or in the cloud. Analyzing and achieving highly accurate reports with this product is simple and you will not need any programming information.

Features and characteristics of Power BI Report Server software:

  • Prepare accurate statistical reports of your data
  • Ability to display your reports in beautiful tables and charts
  • Ability to organize data displays to make statistics understandable
  • Existence of usability in internal systems and web portal simultaneously
  • Benefit from the ability to manage, edit and update reports
  • Easy access for your users with the ability to define their access

Installation guide

Install the program using the serial in the text file; The desktop version does not need to be activated.

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Download Microsoft Power BI Report Server May 2020 v15.0.1103.232

Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop May 2020 x86

Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop May 2020 x64

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