Microsoft Windows 10 Version 21H2 November 2021 Update MSDN x86 / x64
Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Version 21H2 November 2021 Update MSDN x86 / x64


Windows 8 and later Windows 8.1, which was actually a major upgrade to version 8, as it should not be able to find its place among users, especially older Windows users; One of the main reasons for the introduction of Windows 8.1, a short distance from Windows 8, was to attract traditional Windows users who could not communicate with the new and different user interface of Windows.

To address this issue, on September 30, 2014, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its operating system for the first time, and while Windows 9; Everyone was thinking about the next version of Windows, Windows 10 was introduced. (According to a Microsoft developer, the reason for this was the inability of much older software to detect and distinguish Windows 9 from versions 95 and 98 of Windows)

Based on past experience, Microsoft is trying to make the new version of Windows cover the tastes and needs of different users as much as possible; For example, at the request of many Iranian users, in the second version of the official preview of Windows 10, the solar calendar has been added to it.

Complete return of the Start menu and its advanced design and various user interface improvements to attract the attention of traditional users, the introduction of a new browser now known as Spartan, the introduction of Cortana Smart Voice Assistant, free upgrade of Windows 7 and 8 families to Windows 10 and… It shows Microsoft’s determination to provide a revolutionary operating system.

Microsoft does not consider Windows to be just an operating system for PCs and laptops, and refers to it as the most comprehensive platform in the world; however, we will see the introduction of a general operating system for all types of desktop and mobile computers, tablets and phones with the previous Windows Phone operating system…

Features and Applications of Windows 10 MSDN  :

– Full return of the Start menu with a combination design of Windows 7 and 8

– Update the default Windows programs and add a window for them to integrate and integrate the user interface and improve their management

– Ability to divide the screen into four separate sections

– Added virtual desktop feature

– Brand new Microsoft Edge browser called Spartan Project

– There is an option to select the default folder after executing File Explorer

– Add two Windows Phone features including Cortana Voice Assistant (English only) and Notifications Center to Windows 10

– Ability to use several messaging or chat software at the same time

– Full and deep connection with the XBOX game console and coordination with a variety of computer games, as well as the addition of the Win + G shortcut key to take screenshots in the game environment

– Added solar calendar


required system

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2 ( more info

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit

Graphics card:  Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver


Windows 10

Installation guide and tips

After downloading and extracting, there are two ways to install; One is to burn Windows to DVD using software such as PowerISO or UltraISO or to copy to Flash using Rufus software.

Use the cracks here to activate as well.

This is the latest official, official and final version released by Microsoft.

The Windows provided is the original version of Microsoft and is provided without any tampering even with the file name.

Published versions include two editions of Consumer or Retail and Business or Volume; The Consumer or Retail edition is published only through MSDN, and the Business or Volume edition is published through both MSDN and VLSC.

! Edit Business or VL – Volume License is the recommended version for any type of user, including Pro and Enterprise versions; If you need the Home version, get the Consumer or Retail version.

The latest version of Windows 10, called Version 21H2 (same as Windows 11), was released on November 16, 2021, on VSS or MSDN; This version is registered as of November 2021 Update and is provided with build number 19044.1288.


Detailed specifications of this version:

Windows 10 (Business Editions), Version 21H2 (x86) – DVD (English) Volume

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Business_Editions_Version_21H2_X86_Dvd_8Aba314E.iso
MD5: Ea8B64699F851Beabae2936D138586Cf
SHA-1: 7456Adc228C5Ff7877Ffef006D412Ac599859604
SHA-256: E237B9E928Fd059D8136A2Db06Da32Bedf7A4D0E14E7Db541433E538Fe214D5A

Windows 10 (Business Editions), Version 21H2 (x64) – DVD (English) Volume

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Business_Editions_Version_21H2_X64_Dvd_Ce067768.iso
MD5: C07911A3450D5952459Efe882B221D90
SHA-1: D39Dd07Cc4A08Cbade35Ba9713Fc874B96Cc40E9
SHA-256: 1323Fd1Ef0Cbfd4Bf23Fa56A6538Ff69Dd410Ad49969983Fee3Df936A6C811C5

Windows 10 (Consumer Editions), Version 21H2 (x86) – DVD (English) OEM Retail

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Consumer_Editions_Version_21H2_X86_Dvd_31755F1B.iso
MD5: 989E53052A44E162D7C00B6D6E6Dc743
SHA-1: 3731950540C1136D16014Fc999365Da2C3A41758
SHA-256: 31C0Ce969Deef08E0031A95Eb5C0D639B9649Adb67842Fea373308D0F86C5131

Windows 10 (Consumer Editions), Version 21H2 (x64) – DVD (English) OEM Retail

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Consumer_Editions_Version_21H2_X64_Dvd_6Cfdb144.iso
MD5: 823C3Cb59Ff0Fd43272F12Bb2E3A089D
SHA-1: 30Ff3Cc3Cdc05Abf47489742E2E1B810D0003968
SHA-256: 7F6538F0Eb33C30F0A5Cbbf2F39973D4C8Dea0D64F69Bd18E406012F17A8234F

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Version 21H2 (ARM64) – DVD (English) Volume

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Iot_Enterprise_Version_21H2_Arm64_Dvd_Fe1Aa7Cd.iso
MD5: 3Edd67B43D396415A780Ea32Fd543275
SHA-1: 2986D59487Ce70C96701B2578Fb56569Ac5Ee6F7
SHA-256: Ce105A9A39Fa21A38D11Dc7249Eaf209B9A55279963901Da2759B7093Bcfd8C7

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Version 21H2 (x64) – DVD (English) Volume

Name File: en-Us_Windows_10_Iot_Enterprise_Version_21H2_X64_Dvd_9Efdf454.iso
MD5: C05Bbcaac8Ff319F50Da85C68Fa0A4B6
SHA-1: 3Accd2C2647Af26D257Af5Bbf8D87Fc422E697B6
SHA-256: F4Ef8Ae89834155842Cdbb0855Cc1808793703Cd966Bf23F5B1483Afc8767Cfc

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