Midland Valley Move 2018.1.23920 x64 + Tutorials

Midland Valley Move 2018.1.23920 x64 + Tutorials

Midland Valley Move is the core application of the Move suite, a powerful and independent environment for data integration, cross-sectional construction, and 3D modeling, as a basis for specialized structural modules for 2D and 3D motion modeling. Provides geomechanical modeling, fracture, error response as well as error and stress analysis.

Features and facilities of Midland Valley Move:

  • Import and integrate a wide range of data types including: digital background data, geodetic data, digital elevation model , geological maps, ASCII, GIS forms and DXF files
  • Quickly create two-dimensional maps of three-dimensional sections and models in fully georeferenced space , using automated digital tools and manuals
  • Create 3D surfaces, shapes and volumes from a wide variety of data types
  • Photogrammetric support including image projection on an existing network
  • Create and cut two-dimensional sections at any angle and orientation through the model
  • Full analysis feature with various graphical plots including SCAT
  • Update the model in real time using the deformation tool to change the speed of the levels
  • Effective display and analysis of borehole data with Well Track and Well Marker analyzers
  • Data visualization and modeling with advanced tools including animation, lighting and the ability to store camera views
  • Output data in various formats for further analysis and modeling

Installation guide

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Download Midland Valley Move_2018.1 x64

Midland Valley Move 2018 Tutorials

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 769 MB

Midland Valley Move v2017.2.0 Build 21565 x64 Incl. Move Knowledge Base 2017.2

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 349 MB

Download Midland Valley Move_2016.1.12981 x64

Download Midland Valley Move_2015.1.52134 x64

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