Milestones Professional 2017 v17.0 Rev 2019-01-29 x86 / x64

Milestones Professional , the name of the application software that is a product of KIDASA Software. With this software you will be able to manage your projects. You can also do your project planning with this application software. Proper planning and management in carrying out a project is very important. This software has been prepared and offered according to this issue so that you can have perfect planning and management in carrying out your projects.

This software can work with other software including Microsoft, Excel and Oracle Primavera software. The speed of creating a program in this software is very high and you can create the program in less than a minute, save it and edit it if it needs to be changed. Working and using Milestones Professional software is very simple. In addition to simplicity, this software uses many practical tools so that you can create your programs easily and without any problems.

Features and capabilities of Milestones Professional:

  • Easy and simple installation
  • User-friendly interface for your simple use of the software and do the planning
  • Benefit from planning tools to advance your projects
  • Use the tools to manage and edit your projects
  • Get output from your project application in various image formats, PDF and Microsoft Office
  • High speed in planning along with high accuracy of operation

Installation guide

After installing and running the program, register the software using the information in the text file.

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Download KIDASA Software Milestones Professional_2017 v17.0 Rev 2019-01-29 x86

Download KIDASA Software Milestones Professional_2017 v17.0 Rev 2019-01-29 x64

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