ModelMaker Code Explorer 12.3 for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

ModelMaker Code Explorer 12.3 for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

ModelMaker Code Explorer is an essential refactoring tool for Delphi programmers. First, let me give a brief explanation for users who are not familiar with the subject of rifting. If we want to define refactoring in simple language and with a little carelessness, it can be defined as: “Refractoring means improving the internal quality of the code without compromising the logic and the main structure of the code.” It has probably happened many times that you have defined a function in a class with a specific name. After a while you may want to rename the method to a better name.

Here, by renaming the method, other parts of the code fail because they refer to the old name, so we have to update each part of the code that used the old name. This method of improvement is definitely not a good method for large projects, projects that may have several million lines of code. Therefore, in different programming languages, suitable tools for refactoring are provided that manage these changes. By automating the change process, these programs give programmers the ability to apply the necessary changes in the code with high confidence and security. کردن.

Also about ModelMaker Code Explorer

In .NET and Java languages, we have Richarper, in Delphi there are various tools that we have put ModelMaker Code Explorer for download in this post. This tool has won awards several times and has provided many capabilities for Delphi programmers. After installation, the program is fully integrated with the Delphi environment and you can easily improve the quality of internal codes. You can intelligently search and replace different phrases in the code. Rename methods, classes, procedures, graphical controls, filenames, and more.

The program automatically updates all changes to the code structure in a synchronized manner. The program also has wizards with which you can create the desired classes, functions and procedures with just a few clicks. In addition, you can analyze the dependencies of different parts of the code. For example, check which part of the code is used by a class. Wizards are provided to calculate metrics to measure code quality and complexity. This program has many wizards and capabilities that we leave to you to review.

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