Molegro Virtual Docker 2013 v6.0.1 / Data Models 2013 v3.0.1

Molegro Virtual Docker 2013 v6.0.1 / Data Models 2013 v3.0.1

Molegro Virtual Docker is a suitable software for predicting protein ligand interactions. In a simple graphical environment, this program has made it possible to prepare molecules, predict and investigate potential bonds with different ligands. Connections are displayed in a high quality 3D graphical environment. This program uses the latest data processing techniques and when we put it next to the appropriate interface, we will confirm the manufacturer’s claim about usability and increase productivity.

Compared to other products in this program, the interactions between molecules and ligands are displayed with higher accuracy. This program uses unique technologies to increase the accuracy of forecasts and claims to be superior to other products in this regard, and according to the experience of the users of this program, this claim is largely realistic. You do not need high technical knowledge when working with this software. The manufacturer’s focus is on the simplicity of the user interface so that experts can spend more time on their research without getting involved in non-technical aspects of the work.

Molegro Virtual Docker is easy to install and use, and various tasks are provided with the help of graphical wizards. Analytical tools also play a good role in this program. According to the output of the analysis unit of this program, which is presented in the form of brief and detailed reports, researchers are able to obtain useful information. This information is difficult to obtain manually, or at least a lot of time is required to achieve proper results. This software is provided as a cross-platform and can be installed and run on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Installation guide

After installing, copy the mvd.license file to the program installation path in the bin folder.

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Download Molegro Virtual Docker 2013.6.0.1 & Molegro Data Modeller 2013.3.0.1

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