Mozilla Firefox 79.0 Windows/Linux/macOS

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With the advent of Google with the introduction of the Chrome browser and the release of the Opera browser, the market for this competition became hotter and still continues.

On November 14, 2017, the Mozilla Foundation released a major update to a different version of the Mozilla Firefox Quantum, which became the first choice of many users with twice the speed and 30% less memory usage.

Features of Mozilla Firefox Browser:

– Extraordinary security of Firefox compared to other browsers

– High speed loading of pages in Firefox and also improving the speed of program execution in new versions

– Simple and at the same time professional and very flexible user interface

– Existence of very diverse and useful plugins

– Full compatibility with a variety of web design technologies

– Strong and distinctive RSS capability of this browser compared to other browsers

– Has proprietary versions for different operating systems

Mozilla Firefox 79.0 x86

Mozilla Firefox 79.0 x64

Download Mozilla Firefox 79.0 Linux

Download Mozilla Firefox 79.0 macOS

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