MPSOFTWARE phpDesigner Multilingual

MPSOFTWARE phpDesigner Multilingual

phpDesigner is a development environment and capability editor for designing websites based on the powerful php language. This editor supports the latest technologies in the field of web design such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and… efficiently and optimally, and you will not need to install libraries and peripherals to use them. phpDesigner meets all your needs in the field of editing, analyzing, debugging and debugging code to publish the website on the host. One of the positive features of this IDE is its high speed as well as its high customization capability, all parts of the IDE are customizable in the settings section and programmers can enable, disable or change various capabilities according to their needs. Other effective features of this development environment include support for object-oriented coding, scrolling through different parts of the code, the use of ready-made templates, ready-made code, and most importantly its highly efficient intellisense. Although the use of IDEs such as phpDesigner for coding in php is not necessary, without the use of these tools, the coding time and error rate will increase exponentially, which will reduce the productivity of programmers. We recommend that all programmers who are struggling with php code every day try this software once.

Features of phpDesigner:

  •  Smart, beautiful and powerful IDE with a multitude of essential features and facilities
  • Complete editor of php, html5, css3 and javascript code
  • Ability to navigate between different parts of the code, move between methods and classes, and…
  • Code navigator with which all parts of the code can be viewed hierarchically and tree.
  • Ability to debug and profile php code using the powerful Xdebug framework
  • Support for php frameworks
  • Supports JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery
  • Ability to integrate with source controls such as svn and git
  • Ability to connect to ftp / sftp and exchange files

Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen in the Crack folder.

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Download MPSOFTWARE_phpDesigner_8.1.2.9

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