MR.Gestures for Xamarin 2.1.0

MR.Gestures for Xamarin 2.1.0

MR.Gestures is a tool for handling all touch gestures in the form of Xamarain hair extensions. Xamarin is a good tool in the field of mobile application development for various mobile operating systems, but it does not have the important capabilities that every device with a touch screen needs and can not perform various touch gestures. MR Gestures Adds low, high, hitting, double hit, long press, jerk, spin and رو events to the screen. These events will occur when the user makes touch gestures on the element.

To add event handler you can:

  • Add the name MR.Gestures from dll
  • Use namespace instead of Xamarin.Forms

Features and facilities of MR.Gestures:

  • Add various touch events in Xamarin
  • Touch one or more fingers on the screen
  • Multiple tapping on the screen
  • Double tap (double tap) with a distance of 250ms
  • Hold the finger on the screen for a long time
  • Added all touch capabilities

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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Download Mr. Gestures_for Xamarin 2.1.0

Download Mr. Gestures_for Xamarin 2.0.0

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