MSC Easy5 2020 x64

MSC Easy5 2020 x64

Easy5 is a specialized software for simulating control systems graphically. With this program, various systems of control, hydraulic (including thermal effects), pneumatic, gaseous, thermal, electrical, mechanical, environmental control systems, fueling systems and simulation of time-discrete behaviors can be designed on the sampled data. Aerospace, automotive, agricultural equipment and other complex industrial systems engineers need a holistic engineering approach or system that focuses not only on details and subsystems but also designs and tests the entire system. Conventional equipment manufacturing and testing methodologies are now old, time consuming, and expensive. Now more than ever, different industries are facing challenges, so we need a new solution to reduce complexity, ease product testing, increase innovation, and reduce costs and time.

One of the good solutions in this field is MSC EASY5 software which meets the above expectations to a great extent. Dynamic systems are those systems whose behavior is a function of time and are usually defined in terms of first-order differential equations. Easy5 makes it very easy to build and analyze such systems by drawing on graphical schematics. The program has prepared a complete set of prefabricated components for the design and manufacture of parts, which makes the assembly and simulation of such systems very easy. System engineers in a graphical environment can communicate between different components and, using hierarchical modeling, easily assemble and complete different components.

Features and specifications of Easy5 software:

  • Thermal hydraulics: transmission systems, anti-lock braking system, fuel injection systems, active suspension systems, psychoanalysis systems
  • Gas dynamics: pneumatic, propulsion, air and steam cycle, high pressure gas, gas transmission, gas phase reactions, air conditioning systems, multiple gas systems
  • Multiphase fluids: refrigerators, air conditioners, freezer tube networks, steam / water systems
  • Fuel cells: fixed or mobile
  • Electrical systems: AC / DC devices, power electronics, batteries, flight control systems including a variety of digital filters
  • Control hardware and software (sampling data Synkrvn communication, analog and digital electronic filters)

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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