Advertising MSI gaming laptop for digital currency extraction
MSI gaming laptop

Advertising MSI gaming laptop for digital currency extraction

MSI gaming laptop

MSI offers its GE76 Raider laptop , which is equipped with a powerful GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card , for those interested in extracting encrypted currencies.

At a time when many of the new gaming graphics cards are very scarce in the market or are being sold at unreasonably high prices, MSI is offering its latest high-end laptop for digital currency mining. Of course, everyone has the right to use their purchased hardware in any way, but direct advertising of digital currency extraction by a company that is itself affected by a severe shortage of GPUs can indicate a misunderstanding of some market conditions.

In a special article, MSI has extracted the cryptocurrencies from its gaming laptops. This short article examines the economic justification for using this device to extract cryptocurrency, with a month of mining experience on a GE76 Raider laptop .

Advertising image of GE76 Raider laptop for mining

The author of this article provided the audience with a series of basic data such as the estimated hardware hash rate of this laptop, according to which the GE76 Raider laptop can use a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card in the DaggerHashimoto algorithm with a power of 52.8 MHz. Extract digital currencies in seconds. NiceHash mining software was used for this test . This hash rate is actually equivalent to an RTX 3070 desktop graphics card , which could have been very profitable for miners if the prices of these products were not unrealistic in the market.

The RTX 3080 graphics card in the GE76 Raider laptop is actually one of the few Max-P versions on the market, which means that the laptop has the highest power consumption rate ( TDP) (155 watts) when using GPU power. This article does not provide information about the settings used in this test, but miners usually adjust power consumption and memory clock speed limits to get better performance from the device.

GE76 Raider laptop performance during mining

MSI official image of profitability and economic justification of mining using MSI GE76 RTX 3080 laptop


GE76 Raider laptop hash rate

MSI official image of MSI GE76 RTX 3080 laptop performance when extracting digital currencies  

This is despite the fact that companies like Nvidia to deal with a major purchase graphics cards new gaming purpose of mining, resulting in a severe shortage of these products on the market to impose restrictions on the rate of hash some of the cards in his bestselling including RTX 3060 has, however, recently several Chinese miners have managed to circumvent these restrictions .

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