Multiframe CONNECT Edition 21 Update 14 v21.14.00.04 x64

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Bentley product multiframe helps construction experts assess the structure of their tank according to class needs and optimize it for strength and weight. It can be used for furnace, deck, super structure and propulsion calculations. When designing a steel and aluminum tank, there is a wide range of structural analysis methods that can be used to assess the structural capacity of the tank and to meet class requirements.

This software is a beam-based system that allows you to quickly model and analyze the structure of the tank and static and dynamic analysis of your structural behavior. It is an ideal complement to complete finite element analysis and less accurate page calculations.

The multiframe can be loaded into a geometric file of the structure or any other structural modeling system and then provides a wide range of tools for applying structural properties such as constraints, materials and section shapes. Facilities include creating a load family and then performing a static or dynamic analysis. Static results can be evaluated in terms of performance, stress and deviation. Dynamic results include natural frequencies and state shapes or more accurate date results for different load times.

Features and specifications of Multiframe software:

  • Graphically create constraints, bars and geometric shapes
  • Ability to zoom
  • Tool Tip capability to display help in the joints and limbs
  • OpenGL rendering
  • Selection based on box, line, member type, section type and so on
  • Automatic production of page elements
  • Shape editor for calculating non-standard shape section properties

Installation guide

After installation, copy the crack file to the installation location of the program and run it as Administrator, select the software from the list and also check the Connect version. Finally, enter the installation location of the program to crack.

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Download Multiframe CONNECT Edition Advanced Suite 21 Update 14 v21.14.00.04 x64

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