14- Multiple Access Techniques
Multiple Access Techniques

14- Multiple Access Techniques

Multiple Access Techniques

Typically a satellite tv for pc’s service is current at a selected location on the earth station and generally it’s not current. Meaning, a satellite tv for pc might have totally different service stations of its personal positioned at totally different locations on the earth. They ship provider sign for the satellite tv for pc.

On this scenario, we do a number of entry to allow satellite tv for pc to take or give indicators from totally different stations at time with none interference between them. Following are the three varieties of a number of entry strategies.

  • FDMA (Frequency Division A number of Entry)
  • TDMA (Time Division A number of Entry)
  • CDMA (Code Division A number of Entry)

Now, allow us to talk about every approach one after the other.

Multiple Access Techniques -FDMA

In the sort of a number of entry, we assign every sign a unique kind of frequency band (vary). So, any two indicators shouldn’t have identical kind of frequency vary. Therefore, there gained’t be any interference between them, even when we ship these indicators in a single channel.

One good instance of the sort of entry is our radio channels. We will see that every station has been given a unique frequency band with a purpose to function.

Let’s take three stations A, B and C. We wish to entry them by way of FDMA approach. So we assigned them totally different frequency bands.

As proven within the determine, satellite tv for pc station A has been stored beneath the frequency vary of zero to 20 HZ. Equally, stations B and C have been assigned the frequency vary of 30-60 Hz and 70-90 Hz respectively. There isn’t any interference between them.

The principle drawback of the sort of system is that it is vitally burst. One of these a number of entry isn’t beneficial for the channels, that are of dynamic and uneven. As a result of, it’s going to make their knowledge as rigid and inefficient.

Multiple Access Techniques -TDMA

Because the title suggests, TDMA is a time primarily based entry. Right here, we give sure time-frame to every channel. Inside that time-frame, the channel can entry your entire spectrum bandwidth

Every station bought a set size or slot. The slots, that are unused will stay in idle stage.

Suppose, we wish to ship 5 packets of information to a selected channel in TDMA approach. So, we must always assign them sure time slots or time-frame inside which it may possibly entry your entire bandwidth.

In above determine, packets 1, three and four are lively, which transmits knowledge. Whereas, packets 2 and 5 are idle due to their non-participation. This format will get repeated each time we assign bandwidth to that exact channel.

Though, now we have assigned sure time slots to a selected channel however it will also be modified relying upon the load bearing capability. Meaning, if a channel is transmitting heavier hundreds, then it may be assigned an even bigger time slot than the channel which is transmitting lighter hundreds. That is the most important benefit of TDMA over FDMA. One other benefit of TDMA is that the ability consumption will probably be very low.

Word − In some purposes, we use the mixture of each TDMA and FDMA strategies. On this case, every channel will probably be operated in a selected frequency band for a selected time-frame. On this case, the frequency choice is extra strong and it has better capability over time compression.

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Multiple Access Techniques -CDMA

In CDMA approach, a singular code has been assigned to every channel to tell apart from one another. An ideal instance of the sort of a number of entry is our mobile system. We will see that no two individuals’ cellular quantity match with one another though they’re identical X or Y cellular service offering firm’s prospects utilizing the identical bandwidth.

In CDMA course of, we do the decoding of interior product of the encoded sign and chipping sequence. Due to this fact, mathematically it may be written as


The essential benefit of the sort of a number of entry is that it permits all customers to coexist and use your entire bandwidth on the identical time. Since every person has totally different code, there gained’t be any interference.

On this approach, a lot of stations can have variety of channels not like FDMA and TDMA. The very best a part of this method is that every station can use your entire spectrum in any respect time.

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