My Family Tree Multilingual x86 / x64

My Family Tree is the name of an application software for creating and drawing a family tree. Using this software, you will be able to easily create your family tree. The software in front of you is a tool for use in the Windows operating system. Care has been taken in the design of this software to make the work simple and hassle-free for you. You will be able to build and draw the pedigrees you need with great speed using this software. This software is very suitable and ideal for those people who have just started researching their family history and others.

With My Family Tree software, you will be able to draw and share your family tree more easily than ever before. The software in front of you also has other functionalities. You can get a variety of outputs from your final design. You also have the opportunity to add explanations and facts to the reader in the section of your genealogy. This software has tried to include everything you need from a pedigree drawing software.

Features and features of My Family Tree:

  • Very convenient user interface that makes it very easy for you to create a family tree
  • Working with this software is done very quickly and saves your time
  • Build family charts with the capabilities you need
  • Analysis of statistical information in families including birth, death and
  • The software in front of you is multilingual and supports more than 20 languages
  • This software is able to provide various reports for you

Installation guide

This application is free. Install the language file to add additional languages.

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