My Visual Database 6.4
My Visual Database

My Visual Database 6.4


My Visual Database is a simple and efficient tool for building simple database applications. You do not always need programming knowledge to build new programs ; Especially if the program you are looking for is not particularly complex. For example, suppose you own a store and you want to create a program to record customer information or goods in your shop. Okay; We have a very simple scenario here. You can create such programs and other similar programs without any programming knowledge with this software.

The operation of this program is very simple. You create the information forms you need to enter information by putting labels, buttons, checkboxes, calendars, etc. together and using events to determine what happens. For example, what happens when a user clicks on a button? Or when he enters a search term, the results will be shown to him on what basis. All these tasks are foreseen in this program and you will receive the final program by following different steps.

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The delivered Windows program is completely independent and does not require components or peripherals to run and does not even need to be installed. You can easily copy this exe file to your flash drive and run it anywhere. This software is an ideal choice for beginner developers or people who are not professional programmers and like to make the right program for their basic needs in the shortest possible time. With this tool you can create applications such as phonebook, customer information, item information, student information, travel agency information, expense records and many more.

Features of My Visual Database tool:

  • Beautiful and secluded graphical environment with easy operation
  • Visual design of forms required by the program
  • Easy definition of events and communication between forms and application elements
  • Quick and hassle-free execution of the program during construction
  • No need to install an output program without dependence on peripherals
  • And …

required system 

Windows 2K • Windows XP • Windows Vista • Windows Vista 64 bit • Windows 7 • Windows 7 64 bit • Windows 8 • Windows 8 64 bit • Windows 10 • Windows 10 64 bit

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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