MyEclipse 2015 v2.0 Windows / macOS

MyEclipse 2015 v2.0 Windows / macOS

MyEclipse is a commercial product from Genuitec for building web-based projects and mobile applications. With its intelligent JavaScript assistant, support for several different frameworks including Angular JS, support for popular REST services, and support for mobile applications and server-side development, programmers are now able to keep up with new technologies with greater speed and focus. Coding to realize their ideas faster.

MyEclipse is based on the Eclipse Free Platform platform and combines new business capabilities with Eclipse open source features. This has happened many times in the open source world, such as some Linux commercial distributions based on the free kernel platform. Linux is on the market. MyEclipse brings together a variety of tools for designing and implementing websites and mobile applications based on state-of-the-art technologies in an integrated environment that programmers can use for their own purposes without the use of different tools.

Features and specifications of MyEclipse software:

  • Rich and powerful user interface
  • Java EE-based development process optimization
  • Manage and access projects through Maven
  • Efficient tools for database design and optimization
  • Ability to perform Spring projects using various graphic editors and wizards
  • Development of WebSphere based applications based on modern technologies
  • Having a large number of test servers for applications from WebSphere to Glassfish, weblogic, tomcat and ..
  • Development of web applications using Jsjet and powerful debugger
  • Ability to develop RESTful services
  • Ability to see live changes when developing websites
  • Different capabilities for the work team
  • Full compatibility with IBM RAD projects
  • Enjoy a wide range of useful libraries
  • Reverse engineering tools for JPA and Hibernate
  • Ability to configure Struct visually
  • Ability to model UML
  • Ability to create, debug and publish various reports by connecting to the database

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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MyEclipse 2015 Stable 2.0 Windows

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MyEclipse 2015 Stable 2.0 macOS

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 325 MB

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