NeiWorks 2.1 SP1.0 for SOLIDWORKS 2008-2015 x86 / x64

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NeiWorks is a powerful plugin for finite element modeling and analysis in SolidWorks software. This plugin actually adds new features to the program environment in the same shape and graphic image of SolidWorks that users will be able to easily design and analyze a variety of finite element models or more precisely finite elements in the familiar SolidWorks environment. Combining this plugin with the basic capabilities of SolidWorks software is a big strength. In fact, engineers with solidwork design capabilities will also be able to perform CAE or computer-aided engineering activities.

Using this plugin, you can easily analyze the imposed load analysis, boundary conditions, mesh status analysis and its impact on the product and.. Interestingly, by changing the mesh structure and design, the analysis results in this plugin will be updated at the same time. This feature will make you more familiar with the impact of factors and factors, which is a very valuable feature. SolidWorks users can now more easily connect their FEA data to product pre-processing and post-processing standards.

You will be able to perform static and dynamic analyzes, check the heat transfer capacity of the model, test various stress tests and critical conditions on the product, in addition, have various capabilities to control and analyze composite structures. You will have. This program helps engineers optimize product status with proper analysis and implement contract-based modeling style more easily than ever before. Using this software will reduce production time and significantly reduce production costs, because without trial and error and without the need to build costly prototypes, you can perform all stages of testing and evaluation in a safe software environment. .

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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