NeoSoft NeoBook Professional 5.8.7

NeoSoft NeoBook Professional is an application software for building applications without programming knowledge. With NeoBook Quick Developer, inexperienced users can combine text, photos, audio, video, flash animation, HTML content, Internet links, databases, special effects and other elements, and interactive and professional software applications. O create. Some of these programs can be called e-books, educational, computer-based education, educational games, calculators, sales and advertising materials, client server database, organization and testing, and so on. NeoBook is very easy to use, you can create your application just by dragging and dropping the tools in the software.

Features and capabilities of NeoSoft NeoBook Professional:

  • Use drag and drop to create complex applications
  • Import images created by your favorite design software
  • Import the format of text documents created with your favorite word processor or use the NeoBook text editor
  • Add navigation and user interface controls including: push button, checkbox, radio button, input text field, list box, combo box, media player, load bar and timer
  • Play GIF and flash files
  • View website and live internet content within the app
  • Create and send email messages directly from the app
  • Use the editor to create text with tables, multiple fonts, bookmarks and hypertext commands
  • Play audio, music, video, animation and other multimedia files
  • Create animated cartoons using the NeoToon tool
  • Access the Moore Word Processor, Sound Editor, Animation Editor and Design Apps directly from NeoBook

Installation guide

This version is cracked. Install and use.

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