NetDrive 2.6.17 Build 965 Multilingual

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With the help of this program, you can use one of the SFTP, SSH protocols to securely transfer the information you want. The SFTP protocol sends all data encrypted, thus minimizing the possibility of misuse of information in the transfer process. This program is very helpful for users who have a lot of cloud storage space because there is no need to use separation tools for each service or visit the server site. All services are displayed in an integrated environment and with the technique of making a virtual drive in Windows Explorer, which will bring a common experience. We recommend using this program to manage your cloud accounts.

NetDrive Features and Features:

  •  Simple and beautiful appearance
  • Open cloud storage spaces in Windows as virtual drives
  • Direct settings and direct connection to different accounts
  • Ability to send files via SFTP and SSH
  • Ability to connect to WebDAV servers and many other similar servers

Download NetDrive_2.6.17_Build_965_Multilingual

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