Neuralog Suite 2015 v15.4.22

Neuralog Suite 2015 v15.4.22

Neuralog NeuraSection is a software from a comprehensive geology and terrestrial data analysis package manufactured by Neuralog. According to the manufacturer Neuralog, this program is the only geological interpretation system with quality images that well supports the creation of cross sections and complete analysis of terrestrial data. NeuraSection automatically uses the available log images and digital files to put the required data in the database and format it according to your needs. This program allows you to evaluate, analyze and interpret all available geological data and finally provide it with graphical formats. Users will be able to make the most of data sources by visualizing data, analyzing and creating logs, maps, cross-sections, and و minimizing the time required to create and submit reports.

Features and specifications of the Neuralog collection:

  •  Different options for Log Correlation with the possibility of setting different parameters
  • View hills, faults, ravines and terrain
  • Format and personalize final reports
  • Convenient user interface
  • Ability to take notes in different parts of the plan
  • Perform design operations with drag mouse drag
  • Ability to paint the distances between different sections
  • Ability to send map data to other users
  • Various geological surveys including Top of Formation, Thickness, Net Isopach and…
  • Ability to add grids to important parts of the map to highlight these places in the presentation
  • Instant display of applied changes
  • Ability to edit results based on personal interpretations
  • Full editing and control of points and lines generated by the program
  • Various maps for basis, evaluation and…
  • Having NURB technology to produce lines
  • Create rich reports of all interpreted data with the ability to filter results

Installation guide

In the text file inside the Crack folder.

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