Nevron Vision for .NET 2018.1 Build Ultimate

Nevron Vision for .NET 2018.1 Build Ultimate

Nevron Vision for .NET is a component that allows you to visualize various aspects of data performance graphically. With this component you will be able to see all your data on different charts and graphs. The components in the Nevron Vision for .NET package allow you to display your information in 2D and 3D and display it to users in a completely graphical way. In addition, the toolkit will allow you to display information to your liking. Using this component, you can display your charts in  WinForms , WPF, ASP.NET and MVC. With this component you can create business, scientific, financial or presentational integrated Dashboards or Business Intelligence solutions.

Features of Nevron Vision for .NET:

– Using an  API to develop applications for Web and Desktop 

– Excellent hardware performance  in 2D and 3D charts and charts . 

– a series  full  of  all kinds of graphs  2D and 3D supports 170 types of charts ). 

– Complete set of Gauges and KPIs.

–  graph model -driven – class linear logarithmic time and television time line advanced .

–  Pre-built financial and statistical functions .

–  Non-  interference of data and tags axis .

–  Ability to change the chart size and support  of the docking anchoring and so on .  

– Information connection

– Stereoscopic  data information, panning centering scrolling tooltips . 

Installation guide

After installing the program, use the existing serial to license it.

download link

Download Nevron_Vision_for_.NET_2018.1_Build_18.12.10.12_Ultimate_Retail

 Nevron Vision for .NET 2017.1 for VS2005-2017 v18.2.28.12 (serial tested for Design version)

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 829 MB

Nevron Open Vision 2017.1

Download Nevron_Open_Vision_for_.NET_NOV_2017.1_build_version_17.5.29.12

Download Nevron Open Vision 2016.1

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