New details of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Black Shark 4 have been released

Xiaomi Mi 11
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Information on the Mi 11 Ultra and Black Shark 4 handsets is being released on Weibo. This year we are going to see the introduction of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Black Shark 4.

Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing has announced the announcement of two future Xiaomi devices on Weibo . In this teaser, one phone is mentioned as the king of cars and the other is mentioned as a gaming smartphone.

Weibing says if you want full details of these two devices, you have to wait a bit. If we take a look at the previous rumors and have a guess in this regard, the phones in question should be Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Black Shark 4, both of which will be introduced later this year.May 11 Ultra

Both smartphones will use Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888 chip . The main focus of these phones will be on the camera, and we will probably see the ability to magnify the periscope (5 or 10 times). In the gaming phone, we will see a refresh rate higher than 120 Hz.

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