The new series of Asus motherboards with B450 chipset

B450 chipset
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The new series of Asus motherboards with B450 chipset and AM4 socket were introduced. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of these new Asus motherboards.

Asus , the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer , is introducing a new series of motherboards with the B450 chipset and AM4 socket. The new and updated family of Asus B450 motherboards is a perfect platform for people who are looking for a system with optimal performance and performance.

With the introduction of the new generation of AMD processors, Asus has included all of its B450 series motherboards with BIOS FlashBack capability, which can be updated without a processor, motherboard firmware. The new motherboards were also equipped with features such as additional RGB headers, AI noise-canceling solution to eliminate extra microphone noise, and ASUS Armor Crate software for more and better management.

Familiarity with the new series of Asus motherboards

ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II motherboard

Asus motherboards

The motherboard’s four memory slots support DDR4 modules with a maximum capacity of 128 GB and a frequency of 4400 MHz in overclocked mode. Two M.2 sockets for this motherboard allow the use of NVMe series memory with Raid capability; The motherboard’s main M.2 socket also has a pre-installed aluminum heatsink that can be used to make SSDs more efficient.

This motherboard does not have an internal WiFi network, however, it can have WiFi6 network through the E-key M.2 socket of this motherboard.

The back panel of this motherboard has eight USB ports, which include two super-fast 10GB USB 3.2 ports of the second generation Type-A, four USB 3.2 ports (three Type-A ports and one Type-C port) and two USB 2 ports. This section has a dedicated port for the BIOS FlashBack feature, through which you can easily update the motherboard BIOS with just one power and a flash drive.

TUF Gaming B450-Plus II motherboard

Asus motherboards

With a larger heatsink and an 8 + 2 phase power supply circuit, this motherboard is ready to extract performance from AMD RYZEN series processors.

The TUF Gaming B450-Plus II motherboard with ATX form factor has one more M.2 socket than its previous model, and as a result, two fast SSD drivers can be used on this motherboard model. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and USB Type-A communication ports can be seen in the I / O panel.

TUF Gaming B450M-Pro II motherboard

Asus motherboards

This motherboard with microATX form factor is suitable for small computers. Like the TUF Gaming B450-Plus II motherboard, it comes with a DisplayPort image output port, USB 3.2 Type C and USB 3.2 Type A ports, and a USB 3.2 port.

PCI Express 3.0 slot This feature of the feature called SafeSlot means that Asus has strengthened the PCI Express slot so that the motherboard does not have a problem with installing tall and heavy graphics cards. On the other hand, the large heatsink of this motherboard can maintain the temperature of the power supply circuit during heavy processing. Four RAM slots for this motherboard allow access to DDR4 modules with a maximum capacity of 128 GB. The motherboard also has two M.2 slots for PCIe SSD series memory.

TUF Gaming B450M-Plus II motherboard

Asus motherboards

This motherboard is an example of a valuable and reliable product whose PCI Express X16 slot has Asus SafeSlot technology. Also, the motherboard’s two M.2 slots, which support four PCIe 3.0 communication lines, allow NVMe storage to be used. An RGB LED header is built into the motherboard, which allows personalization of the lighting through the Aura Sync system.

The TUF Gaming B450M-Plus II motherboard has a BIOS FlashBack feature for easy motherboard firmware updates. Other features of this motherboard include AI Noise-Canceling Microphone to eliminate extra microphone noise and Turbo LAN to prioritize data packets over wired networks.

Motherboard Prime B450M-A II

Asus motherboards

This motherboard with its reliable power supply circuit ensures high performance and efficiency when using AMD RYZEN processors. In the DDR4 series RAM, you can have four slots with a maximum capacity of 128 GB. This motherboard also comes with BIOS FlashBack and Fan Xpert 2+ capabilities.

Motherboard Prime B450M-K II

Asus motherboards

This motherboard is also an affordable product of this family, which can be suitable for general use and gaming. Features include Digi + technology for the power supply circuit, SafeSlot technology for compatibility with large and heavy motherboards, BIOS FlashBack firmware update solution, and various USB communication ports and HDMI video output.


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