New Windows 10 clipboard and usage history

Windows 10 clipboard
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New Windows 10 clipboard and usage history

Everything you need to copy & paste copy & paste


Finally, Microsoft unveiled the Windows Clipboard feature in its new update.

Until the introduction of this feature, we could only call one item from the clipboard memory after copying or cutting in Windows.

Now, in the updated version of Windows 10 (version 1809), the clipboard can store more than one item in its memory.

You can put anything stored on the clipboard, even if it is not the most recent one you have copied.

* If you do not have this option in your Windows 10, just update your Windows to version 1809.

Be with Aloo Computer to show you how to use and manage this new feature.

Enable Clipboard History in Windows 10

It is interesting to know that this feature is not enabled by default in Windows 10, and to activate it, just follow the path below from the Windows Start menu and activate the clipboard feature to change it to blue.

Start menu> Settings> System>  Clipboard > Clipboard history > On

Everything you need to copy & paste copy & paste


You can also activate the clipboard history directly by pressing the Windows and V keys on the clipboard.

Access clipboard history

After activating the clipboard history, Windows saves everything you copy to the clipboard.

Interestingly, the clipboard still works by using Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.

This functional feature has not changed.

 But in the new clipboard feature, the Ctrl + C keys do not replace the last copied item, but add to the items stored in the clipboard, and Ctrl + V inserts the latest item.

To access the clipboard history, just press the Windows + V key.

You can test this with programs like Notepad or Word.

The clipboard is displayed just below the cursor mark and you can find your favorite and place it in the desired location.

Anything to copy and paste

Pin the desired item to the clipboard

You can use the new Windows 10 clipboard to save the most frequently visited items.

The important thing to know is that when you reset your computer, the items saved in the clipboard will be deleted automatically.

To keep the desired items in the clipboard, press the Windows + V key to open the clipboard history.

Just find the item you want and click on the pin or pin icon.

The pinned item by you does not disappear even when the computer is reset or turned off.

Also, to remove a pinned item, click the X in the upper right corner.

Your selected item will be easily removed from PIN mode.

New Windows 10 clipboard and usage history

Clear clipboard history

You can delete the clipboard history whenever you want.

Just press the Windows + V key combination to open the clipboard history.

Select the clear all option at the top of the window, all items except the ones pinned by you will be removed.


There is another way to clear the clipboard history. You can also clear the clipboard memory through the computer settings.

Follow the path below:

Start menu> Settings> System> Clipboard

Select the Clear button from the clear clipboard data section to clear the history.

When done, the clear button changes to inactive gray.

Disable the clipboard feature

If you decide to disable this feature in Windows 10, just follow the path below on your computer.

Select the off button from the clipboard history section to disable this feature.

Start menu> Settings> System> Clipboard

Some restrictions and security tips

  • This feature is available from Windows 10 version 1809 onwards.
  • The clipboard only holds text and images up to 4 MB.
  • Keeping passwords can reduce your security.

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