Nicomsoft OCR SDK 7.0.885

Nicomsoft OCR SDK 7.0.885

Nicomsoft OCR SDK is a powerful OCR component for extracting text from images for 26 different languages ​​(except Persian) that programmers can confidently use this valuable component in their projects. This product currently supports 26 living languages ​​of the world such as English, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese and… plus 5 Asian languages ​​including traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean. This component supports various image formats such as BMP, JPg, PNG, Tiff and gif as input and is able to extract the text you want from these formats.

The tiff and gif formats contain several different images as you go. Tiff files have several different layers and gif files are a collection of consecutive frames. This component is able to identify and extract texts enclosed in this category of images well. The ocr result can be saved in various formats such as PDF, PDF / A (PDF / A-1a or PDF / A-1b), RTF, Text and xml format. One of the interesting features of this product is the variety of data entry methods.

For example, for ocr operations, in addition to image files, you will be able to use raw files as well as memory contents. This component is also able to read barcodes with a variety of standard formats. In addition, it supports MRZ information used in passports, Visa cards and other identification and bank cards. The Nicomsoft OCR SDK can also ocr pages that have been scanned upside down or at other angles. One of the coolest parts of this library is the ability to invert, rotate, and mirror the input image before the ocr operation. You can use this feature in ocr images that are inverted for any reason, such as text images that fall in the mirror and

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Copy the files in the Crack folder to the Windows editing location in the software installation.

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