Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.32.0 Windows / 2.28.2 macOS

Nikon Camera Control is the name of the application software for controlling Nikon SLR series cameras. Using this software and using Nikon SLR series products, you can control and view images remotely from your computer by connecting via wired or wireless networks. If you plan to use a wireless connection, you will need to provide a wireless transmitter. Also, the creators of this product have tried to make this software so that you can use this software to control and manage the necessary changes remotely.

Camera Control Pro software can remotely adjust and manage your camera’s exposure, shutter speed and aperture. This way you can use this software to control your camera very efficiently. Also, this software with new advanced capabilities in Nikon D3 and D300 products is able to transfer the data you want to your computer screen with the ability to display and select the appropriate images.

The main feature and advantage of this software is the direct transfer of images from the camera to your computer in a simple operation, in which all your data from the steps of shooting to storing them are recorded and transferred to your computer. Other features of this software include support for ViewNx browser, viewer software and Capture NX photo-finishing software.

Features of Nikon Camera Control:

  • Manage, control and view images of Nikon SLR series cameras remotely
  • Ability to connect the camera and software in both wired and wireless
  • Ability to select and adjust image control parameters from your computer
  • Significantly increase your performance with the ability to pre-transfer or delete unnecessary images
  • Integration and support for other Nikon software such as ViewNx browser, viewer software and…
  • Perfect compatibility with the performance of new Nikon products (D3 / D300)
  • Liveview mode support (manual mode and tripod mode)
  • Ability to adjust the focus point and release the shutter

Installation guide

Use the information in the Key.txt file to register the software.

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Download Nikon_Camera_Control_Pro_2.32.0_Multilingual

Download Nikon_Camera_Control_Pro_2.28.2_Multilingual_macOS

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