Noesis Optimus 2019.1 SP1 Windows

Noesis Optimus 2019.1 SP1 Windows


Noesis Optimus is an integrated platform and process for optimizing product design. This product combines various engineering tools in various fields such as CAD, polysemous dynamics, finite element and computational fluid dynamics in a single, automated workflow. As soon as the simulation process started working. This software directly explores the design space and optimizes the product design to improve the performance of that product and reduce the cost of the product and the overall time of the design process.

The user interface of this software allows you to graphically create simulation workflows. Various workflows can be created, the simplest of which involves just one simulation program, and the complex ones include workflows that include multiple simulation software. These workflows may include several branches, each of which may be related to one or more different programs. The workflows created in this program have different mechanisms from the step-by-step simulation process to complex and heterogeneous simulations that are based on cluster calculations and it is possible to use different resources to perform cluster calculations.

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