Nokia Powerbank with charging speed up to 22.5 watts will be available soon
Nokia Powerbank

Nokia Powerbank with charging speed up to 22.5 watts will be available soon

Nokia Powerbank, which has recently been listed in the company’s official store, will be available in several different models with a maximum fast charging speed of up to 25.5 watts.

If you are a fan of Nokia gadgets, then good news for you has been published on the company’s official website today; Because three new power bank models from Nokia have just been introduced and will be available to users in capacities of 10 to 30 thousand mAh soon.

Nokia’s new power bank in three different models

All three power banks with the names Nokia P6201, Nokia P6202 and Nokia P6203 are included in the company’s product list, and you can see more detailed specifications of each below.

Nokia P6201 Powerbank

Nokia Powerbank

This Nokia Powerbank model will have a 10,000 mAh capacity (6,000 applications) which has a square shape with curved corners. In fact, this is the only model among the three new Nokia power banks that has a small LED display for displaying the battery, and by shaking it, you can see how much charge is left inside the device; The feature we last saw at OnePlus Powerbank.

This power bank has two USB-A charging ports, one offering a charging speed of up to 5 watts and the other 10.5 watts. However, it is interesting to know that on the official website, it is mentioned that this power bank has a charging power of up to 22.5 watts; While the maximum charge of the second port of this power bank is 10.5 watts and it is not more than this limit.

It should also be noted that a micro USB and USB-C port is also placed on this device to charge a variety of Android devices.

Nokia P6202 Powerbank

Nokia Powerbank

This model is designed exactly the same in appearance as the previous version; The difference is that it has a slightly larger diameter thanks to twice the capacity of 20,000 mAh and no longer has a display that shows the amount of charge. The color of the gadget is blue and black and it will have 3 separate ports, which include two USB-A and one USB-C, which can charge the power bank itself or another gadget. Also, three ports for charging will mean the ability to charge three devices simultaneously.

Also, in the absence of a display, you can see the amount of charge of the device through LED lights on the device. In addition, it should be noted that this device can also charge gadgets such as airbags.

Nokia P6203 Powerbank

Nokia Powerbank

This Nokia power bank is actually the largest member of the family, with a brick-shaped appearance and white color, it can charge 5 devices simultaneously. Also, the large size of this device will mean a larger capacity of 30,000 mAh. In addition, the ports on this device include three USB-A and one USB-C as input and output, which will be able to charge the power bank and other gadgets.

Just like the other two models, this gadget will be compatible with Android phones from various companies such as Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, iPhone and gadgets such as Airbuds. However, the release date of all three Nokia power banks has not been determined yet and we will have to wait for more official news about it.

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