Nomad Coders - CSS Layout Masterclass 2020-5
CSS Layout

Nomad Coders – CSS Layout Masterclass 2020-5


CSS Layout Masterclass is an SCSS, Flexbox, CSS Grid training course for basic CSS layouts. In this Clone Coding course, you will learn the latest CSS techniques by completing 11 different projects. The term clone coding refers to a complete educational and practical way that with the help of this educational method, you will learn coding by following real services such as Instagram, KakaoTalk, and YouTube.

What you will learn in the CSS Layout Masterclass course:

  • Learn to work with Flexbox including main and cross axis, column and row, align-self and order, wrap, wrap, reverse, align, flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis, and more
  • Understand Grid and related items including pattern area, columns and rows, grid-template, place-items, auto-columns, auto-rows, minimax, auto-fill, auto-fit
  • Concepts required to work with SCSS include variables, nesting, composition, and development

Course specifications

Publisher:  Nomad Coders  (nomadcoders)
Instructors: (니꼬) Niko
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Number of Courses: 54
Duration: 6 hours and 48 minutes

Course topics:


0.0 Introduction
0.1 What are we using


1.1 Life Before Flexbox
1.2 First Rule of Flexbox
1.3 Main Axis and Cross Axis
1.4 Column and Row
1.5 align-self and order
1.6 wrap, nowrap, reverse, align-content
1.7 flex-grow, flex-shrink
1.8 flex-basis
1.9 Flexbox Froggy 1-13
1.10 Flexbox Froggy 14-24

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2.0 Life Before Grid
2.1 CSS Grid Basic Concepts
2.2 Grid Template Areas
2.3 Rows and Columns
2.4 Shortcuts
2.5 Line Naming
2.6 Grid Template
2.7 Place Items
2.8 Place Content
2.9 Auto Columns and Rows
2.10 min max
2.11 auto-fit auto-fill
2.12 min-content max-content
2.13 Grid Garden part One
2.13 Grid Garden part Two


3.0 CSS Preprocessors and Set-Up
3.1 Variables and Nesting
3.2 Mixins
3.3 Extends
3.4 Awesome Mixins and Conclusions


4.0 Introduction
4.1 Best Horror Scenes Coding
4.2 Best Horror Scenes Comment
4.3 Paint Box Coding
4.4 Paint Box Comment
4.5 10 × 19 Coding
4.6 10 × 19 Comment
4.7 Zoo Coding
4.8 Zoo Commentary
4.9 Schwartz Coding
4.10 Schwartz Commentary
4.11 Tolv Cody
4.12 Tolv
Comment Davidson Coding
4.14 Rodic Davidson Comment
4.15 Beige Coding
4.16 Beige Commentary
4.17 Donica Coding
4.18 Donica Commentary
4.19 Canal Street Commentary
4.20 Won Hundred Coding
4.21 Won Hundred Commentary

CSS Layout Masterclass Prerequisites:

HTML for beginners and above. CSS understanding is required.

Beginner or higher vanilla JS understanding is required.



CSS Layout

Installation guide

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Course title in Korean:  CSS Layout 클래스 클래스

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