Northwoods GoDiagram for .NET 5.2 Retail

Northwoods GoDiagram for .NET 5.2 Retail

Northwoods GoDiagram makes it easy to create applications where the user can view and modify graphs, change nodes, and edit edges. This program has a variety of default nodes for complex graphs that make things faster for you. You can draw the simplest graphs to the most complex models with this program as easily as possible and display it in different views. This program is powered by C # and is designed and developed to meet your needs.

With the library and the large set of controls and different parts of this program, you can allow your users to easily create the charts they want. GoDiagram view is a system for displaying GoDiagram documents. With drag and drop capability, you can easily meet your needs. It is possible to resize charts and copy, move and… in this program. This program is quite flexible and developers can easily develop it from different aspects. Predefined models help draw graph types.

Features of Northwoods GoDiagram software:

  • Powered by C # with the right user interface
  • Extensible and flexible for programmers
  • Existence of predefined models to make things easier
  • Modify graphs by users
  • There are three types of drawing for different needs

Installation guide

Read the Serial.txt file.

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Download Northwoods_GoDiagram_5.2.0.45_for_ASP.Net

Download Northwoods_GoDiagram_5.2.0.45_for_Windows_Forms

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