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nrComm Lib is a collection of different components for Delphi. This component has different  classes and routines of communication serial work  This  library  will  help the devices different serial port data and  Access modem audio barcode scanners human (hidden) interface devices Bluetooth USB LPT GSM GPS and more. This  program  provides you with a solution for fast implementation of almost any data protocol package  By  doing this you can work with different sounds and speech  This  library is for you      Allows the message short to send mobile phones connected to different terminals. This component has started since 1999 and  the project always in progress is and the programming of  the features new to support the interface device of modern and System API will continue This component currently supports different versions of Delphi.

Features and specifications of nrComm Lib component:

  • LPT / PRN / parallel ports: Direct access to Com and LPT ports
  • Zmodem File Transfer protocol: Support for Zmodem protocol
  • VT100 / ANSI Terminal support
  • Access the Telephone API
  • ASTM protocol
  • Possibility of Speech API
  • Modbus protocol
  • Extract various information from GSM device
  • GSM support
  • Access to USB ports
  • Caller ID support
  • Access to bluetooth devices
  • USB device control (on / off)
  • Kermit File Transfer protocol
  • Ability to send SMS
  • Flexible solution data packet protocol implementation
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Human Interface Devices (HID)
  • Serial port (RS232) and barcode scan features

Installation guide

These components are usually released either as a source code or with a crack.

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Download nrComm Lib Pro 9.54 Full Source

Download nrComm Lib Pro 9.54 UpTo 10.4

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Download nrCommLib_Pro 9.48 XE10.2

Download nrComm Lib_9.44 for XE10.1

Download nrComm Lib Pro 9.27 D3-DXE8 + Full Source

Download nrComm Lib Pro 9.37 for Delphi-BCB + Full Source


Download nrComm.Net_v3.7.0.33

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