NReco PdfGenerator 1.1.15

NReco PdfGenerator 1.1.15

NReco PdfGenerator is the name of an application component in the field of programming . With this software you will be able to convert HTML and web pages into a PDF file in .NET and C #. The outstanding feature and capability of this software is the ability to convert complete and perfect web pages. This software is able to read CSS languages, images, various web fonts and JavaScript code. For this reason, you can safely convert various HTML pages to PDF in .NET and C #.

More than 99% of the conversions done by this software are successful and the converted version has the same quality as the web page version. Converting pages to PDF documents in this software is very simple. You can convert your desired format with just a few simple clicks. NReco PdfGenerator software also has many features that if you want to make changes, help you to make these changes simply and with the tools in this software.

Features and Features of NReco PdfGenerator

  • Convert HTML pages to PDF documents by writing a single line of C # or .NET code
  • Supports CSS, IMG and JAVA SCRIPT files
  • Perfectly convert your HTML pages to PDF documents
  • Successful conversion 99% of the time
  • Use the easiest way to convert your desired format
  • Build PDF documents based on online web page links
  • Ability to convert ASPX files to PDF documents
  • Ability to make changes in the size and font of the texts used in the HTML page
  • Separate and select the parts you need from an HTML web page

Installation guide

Readme.txt file available.

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