nSoftware Delphi / DotNet 2020-8

nSoftware IP * Works is the most comprehensive freamwork software for Internet development. nSoftware IPWorks is an application for eliminating the complexities of Internet development, providing easy-to-use as well as programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending emails, file transfers, network management, web browsing, web service usage, and more. .

Features and specifications of nSoftware IPWorks component set:

  • Comprehensive set of tools to cover major Internet technologies
  • Fast, strong and reliable
  • Small and lightweight components with no dependency on external libraries
  • Native development components for all supported operating systems
  • Complete and integrated frameworks with a common model for easy learning
  • Accuracy in testing
  • Detailed and reference documentation, one hundred sample programs and applications, complete utility files and an extensive online knowledge base
  • Multi-layered professional support, including e-mail support
  • Enterprise-level security, strong 256-bit encryption using SSL and digital certificates
  • Supported by a team of professional experts for support
  • Complete management of .NET components written in c #
  • Includes WinRT 8.1 PCLs for mobile application development Windows Phone / Tablet )

Comprehensive list of components in this software:

CalDAV, DNS, FileMailer, FTP, HTMLMailer, HTTP, ICMPPort, IMAP, IPDaemon, IPInfo, IPPort, JSON, LDAP, MCast, MIME, NetClock, NetCode, NetDial, NNTP, OData, Ping, POP, RCP, Rexec RSS, SMPP, SMTP, SNPP, SOAP, SysLog, Telnet, TFTP, TraceRoute, UDPPort, WebDav, WebForm, WebUpload, Whois, XMLp, XMLw, XMPP

Installation guide

Each version contains a Reg file that registers the software when executed. Otherwise read the accompanying Readme.txt file.

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