How to put Instagram posts with Chrome browser on PC platform

How to put Instagram posts with Chrome browser on PC platform

In this article, with a very simple and practical trick, we will show you how to put an Instagram post with the Chrome browser.


If you are an old Instagram user, you have probably always had the problem that if you do not have a phone and access to a personal computer, you can never post with it. Of course, you can still watch various posts from other users on your computer, but posting and story on this platform, due to the nature of Instagram, which is made exclusively for mobile, will be something that you can not officially access.

However, you will have to resort to other methods and use programs that will not guarantee the security of your account in any way. For this purpose, in the following, we are going to show you how to post on Instagram using the Chrome browser.

1. first step; Open the Developer Tool in your browser

Post Instagram with Chrome browser

First of all, you need to go to the official Instagram website. Then go to this page, log in to your account and finally, right-click to display a menu. After that, click on the Developer Tool option, which will also be available with Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows and Cmd + Option + I on Mac systems.

This will open a new menu on the right side of the page that will contain several options; However, note that you will not need confusing menu options.

۲. Select the Mobile View option

Post Instagram with Chrome browser

In the upper left corner of the Developer Tool menu you can see an option whose icon looks like a mobile phone next to a tablet. By clicking on this option, the desired page will be displayed in mobile mode. You can also do this faster by hitting the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + M in Windows and Cmd + Shift + M in Mac systems.

This option gives the website information to be displayed on the mobile; In a way, apparently you have entered the site with an Android or iOS device. However, be careful not to close the Developer Tool menu to keep the site the same.

3. Post on Instagram with Chrome browser

Post Instagram with Chrome browser

Now that you have entered the Instagram site with the appearance of a mobile phone and you have deceived it in a way, you can see different options at the bottom of the page to open the photo and video gallery along with other menus dedicated to the phone version. If this section is not displayed for you, update the page once.

Now click on the + shape so you can select the photo or video you want to manually upload to Instagram with Google Chrome browser. Note, however, that to upload photos to Instagram, by default you can only access the JPEG format. If you plan to upload photos in other formats, such as PNG, you’ll need to set the option to All Files in the lower-right corner when the File Explorer menu opens to select a photo. Also, if you want to do this on a Mac, you’ll need to click on Options at the bottom left of the Finder, and finally click on Format to switch from Custom Files to All Files.

4. Edit the image in your Instagram post this time with Chrome browser!

Post Instagram with Chrome browser

From now on, your work will be practically like working with Instagram on your phone; So that you can edit the image of the post before it is published. Editing on an Instagram app or website has come a long way in recent years; So if your image is not the right size, move it or check the Full Screen option at the bottom left of the screen to make it full screen.

However, keep in mind that like the mobile version of Instagram, you will not have full access to all the tools of this popular app; Because by going to the next menu and selecting a filter from the options provided, your job of posting on Instagram using the Chrome browser will be practically over. With this account, it is not bad if you want to edit your image, first personalize it with another application and then post it on Instagram this way.

Finally, by clicking on the Next option, you will be taken to the caption menu, and you can do your work in it, just like the mobile version. Then submit your post, as people will never know that you uploaded this photo or video using a computer!

Other ways to post Instagram with Chrome browser

Post Instagram with Chrome browser

Until about two weeks ago, you could have access to post on this social network just by downloading a special Instagram app from the Microsoft Store on your computer. However, during an in-app update, this feature was removed from the beginning of March so that users will have to install a mobile version to share their images.

With this account, the only way to post on this social network is to use this method with Chrome browser or any other browser. Of course, as mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are other programs to replace Instagram in Windows; But since the security of your account is not guaranteed in any way by installing and entering your confidential information, this will never be recommended.

It’s also a good idea to keep the official Instagram app on your computer so that you may be able to post to it again in the future, or at least be able to easily view other pages’ posts.


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