NUMECA FINE / Acoustics 8.1 x64

NUMECA FINE / Acoustics 8.1 x64

NUMECA FINE Acoustics is an engineering and specialized software in the field of simulating waves resulting from flight-related movements. In fact, you can evaluate and analyze large-scale large-scale parts to create complex and professional systems from the beginning of the design and manufacture of various parts and mechanisms. This software is able to take advantage of its advanced algorithms to enable noise analysis in uniform or non-uniform currents in different machines and systems for you.

NUMECA FINE Acoustics software uses several advanced and professional methods. Thanks to these methods, it is possible to perform your engineering and complex calculations in different types. One of the advantages of using this software is the support of this product for specific values ​​in the analysis. This software is used in simulation and analysis of waves generated by flight in a variety of devices. These include analysis of aircraft engines, propellers, rotors, compressors, turbines, helicopter propellers, and ventilation systems.

It should also be noted that this software performs its calculations based on two basic algorithms. The finite element method (FEM) and the boundary element method (BEM) are the solution that this software has considered for performing complex calculations. The software in front of you is used in the largest construction industries and by the greatest engineers.

Features and specifications of NUMECA FINE Acoustics software:

  • Evaluate and calculate acoustic elements for a variety of devices
  • Advanced vibration calculation and analysis in all types of structures
  • Ability to import CFD networks directly and predict the results
  • Ease of using boundary conditions and flexibility in determining multiple domains
  • Using two computational elements (FEM) and boundary (BEM)
  • Take advantage of the ability to measure and calculate the frequency element in your projects

Installation guide

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